A Checkpoint/Restore Framework for SystemC-Based Virtual Platforms

Stefan Kraemer1,  Rainer Leupers1,  Dietmar Petras2,  Thomas Philipp2
1RWTH-Aachen University, 2CoWare


The ability to restore a Virtual Platform from a previously saved simulation state can considerably shorten the typical edit-compile-debug cycle for software developers and therefore enhance productivity. This paper presents a Checkpoint/Restore solution specifically tailored towards the needs of SystemC-based Virtual Platforms. Apart from restoring the simulation process from a checkpoint image, it also takes care of re-attaching debuggers and interactive GUIs to the restored Virtual Platform. The checkpointing is handled automatically for most of the SystemC modules, only the usage of host OS resources requires user provision. Two concrete code examples demonstrate that the required changes to an existing Virtual Platform are a simple developer task consisting of minor source code modifications. A case study based on the SHAPES Virtual Platform is conducted to investigate the applicability of the proposed framework in a realistic system environment.