RTL-to-Layout Implementation of an Embedded Coarse Grained Architecture for Dynamically Reconfigurable Computing in Systems-on-Chip

Fabio Campi1,  Ralf König2,  Michael Dreschmann2,  Moritz Neukirchner3,  Damien Picard4,  Michael Jüttner5,  Eberhard Schüler6,  Antonio Deledda7,  Davide Rossi7,  Alberto Pasini1,  Michael Hübner2,  Jürgen Becker2,  Roberto Guerrieri7
1STMicroelectronics, 2ITIV, University of Karlsruhe, 3Technical University of BraunSchweig, 4Université de Bretagne Occidentale, 5Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany, 6PACT XPP Technologies, 7ARCES, University of Bologna


This paper describes the RTL-to-layout implementation of the PACT XPP-III Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture (CGRA). The implementation activity was strictly based on a hierarchical approach in order to exploit performance optimization at all levels, as well as guarantee maximum scalability and provide a portfolio of IP-blocks that could be reused to build different configurations and embodiments of the same CGRA template. The final result can be seamlessly introduced in any SoC design flow as embedded accelerator. It is designed in STMicroelectronics 90nm GP technology, occupies 42.5 mm2, delivers 13 16-bit GOPS (0.8 GOPS/mW, 10 MOPS/mW) and has a measured max frequency of 150 MHZ, requiring a measured 13 mW/MHz dynamic power, 93 mW static. A silicon prototype was also produced embedding XPP-III in a complex system-on-chip including an ARM processor as system controller as well as different ASIC blocks.