On the Performance of 3GPP LTE Baseband Using SB3500

Zhenyu Tu,  Meng Yu,  Daniel Iancu,  Mayan Moudgill,  John Glossner
Sandbridge Technologies Inc.


In this paper, we present the system and computational performance of 3GPP LTE baseband processing implemented on the Sandbridge SB3500 processor. Maximum Ratio Combiner (MRC) and Linear Minimum Mean Square (LMMSE) are adopted to be the baseline receiver algorithm for various downlink transmission modes. The system performance evaluation, through end-to-end system simulations, shows that the conformance test requirements published by the 3GPP group are met with a design margin ranging from 0.8 to 2 dB. The computational complexity of our LTE category 2 implementation is such that the entire baseband processing executes in one SB3500 processor.