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Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is here.

The electronic submission page will open in April 2009.

There are two paper categories: Industrial abstracts and scientific papers.

The industrial abstracts are one-pagers using the same format as scientific papers. Extra pages can be used, but an overpage charge is applied. The industrial papers accepted in the review will be printed as such to allow as short as possible lead time from submission to publication. For the industrial abstract submission, there is the category "Industry abstract".

For paper formatting instructions see the Authors kit.

The papers may be accepted for oral or poster presentation. The decision of the presentation format will be made by the program chair, based on the comments from paper review. Independently of the presentation type, all papers are included in the proceedings. Extra pages can be purchased. The industrial papers lead always to an oral presentation on a separate industry forum track interleaved with the scientific/invited programme.

Extra pages can be purchased, 100 euros per page but the quantums charged assume even number of pages... (so, for regular papers the extra charges can be 200 or 400 euros, and for industrial papers extending from the one-pagers 100, 300, 500, 700 euros). The maximum allowed number of pages is eight independently of the paper category.