From Y-Chart to Seamless integration of Application Design and Performance Simulation

Subayal Khan1,  Eila Ovaska1,  Kari Tiensyrjä1,  Jari Nurmi2

1VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2Tampere University of Technology, Department of Computer Systems


The performance simulation techniques for embedded systems play a vital role in the architectural exploration phase. The landmark techniques in this area are developed around some key concepts which we explain first. Then we investigate each landmark contribution and mention the way each one of them addresses, extends and/or employs these key concepts. Since modern mobile devices support diverse applications, therefore the performance simulation and application design phases must be seamlessly integrated to reduce the modeling effort and time to market. In the last section, we elaborate Application workload based performance simulation which achieves this goal. In this case the application model acts as a blue print for application workload models reducing the time and effort involved in performance evaluation phase.