On-Line Dependability Enhancement of Multiprocessor SoCs by Resource Management

Timon D. Ter Braak1,  Stephen T. Burgess2,  Heikki Hurskainen2,  Hans G. Kerkhoff1,  Bart Vermeulen3,  Xiao Zhang1

1University of Twente, 2Tampere University of Technology, 3NXP


This paper describes a new approach towards dependable design of homogeneous multi-processor SoCs in an example satellite-navigation application. First, the NoC dependability is functionally verified via embedded software. Then the Xentium processor tiles are periodically verified via on-line self-testing techniques, by using a new IIP Dependability Manager. Based on the Dependability Manager results, faulty tiles are electronically excluded and replaced by fault-free spare tiles via on-line resource management. This integrated approach enables fast electronic fault detection/diagnosis and repair, and hence a high system availability. The dependability application runs in parallel with the actual application, resulting in a very dependable system. All parts have been verified by simulation.